10 Reasons I’m Thankful to Work in Advertising

1. Sharing funny TV spots with my co-workers.
A few times a week, I get on an email chain that starts out “Dude, have you seen this new spot?! Hilarious!” and then come back with “Awesome! Have you seen this one? It will make you cry.”

2. Keeping up with industry news is interesting.
Watching TV commercials is considered research. And it’s cool to learn about innovative campaigns from other brands and try to find a way to use that as inspiration for my own clients.

3. Meetings are actually fun.
Brainstorms, it’s where the magic happens. Ok, so the great ideas normally come in the shower, but our meetings always turn into laugh-fests.

4. Making clients happy!
Nothing makes my day better than hearing a client get excited about one of KCG’s ideas or getting praise from clients about our work.

5. It’s my job to keep up with pop-culture.
What colors were “in” for Fall 2014?
Sangria and Radiant Orchid.
What TV shows are getting the highest ratings (Outside of the NFL, obviously)?
NCIS and The Big Bang Theory.
Have I seen Taylor Swift’s new music video?
Make all the jokes you want, but I’ve got the chorus down.

6. My co-workers are the best.
I’m obviously biased, but I think people that work in advertising are the most interesting, eclectic group on the planet. I learn so much about life, new music, thought-provoking movies and pointless junk from those strange birds.

7. Advertising is challenging.
Advertising is a blend of art and science. Sometimes research can show us some things we can improve upon, but ultimately a lot of times there is just not a clear answer as to if what we did was right or wrong. It’s hard to compete with 15,000 other advertisements per day. Everyone has an opinion and that keeps things interesting.

8. I get to go on photo and video shoots.
Any time you get a chance to get out of the office, bond with your client and learn about lighting techniques is a good day in my book.

9. Every day is different.
One day, I may be crunching numbers and working on billing, the next day I may be flying to Chicago to test commercials. That beats my old gig as a loan officer any day.

10. Your friends and family can see your work.
It’s kind of hard to explain to my mom what I actually do, but it’s pretty cool to hear her tell you that she saw “your” spot that day (like I contributed at all in the brainstorm meeting).



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Justin Hoppock, account director extraordinaire, works out of our Atlanta office in the Georgia-Pacific building. As an AD, Justin works with a number of Koch company marketing teams to develop communication strategies and bring them to life. Even though he has a passion for TV commercials, Justin spends most of his time outside hiking in North Georgia, dropping bombs on the softball field or missing short putts on the golf course.