Tiger Doesn’t Talk Features

Boring TV spots will never increase brand affinity. Why? Because TV is a medium meant to entertain. I don’t want to hear the product features. Don’t show me the long list of specs. A brand spot on television needs to move me.

One of my favorite examples of using TV to build love for a brand is Nike’s most recent golf commercial. Here’s the spot.

There is a reason this video has more than 10 million views and it’s not complex; it’s simply entertaining. PGA TOUR golfers Tiger Woods and Rory McElroy didn’t mention anything about how Nike’s engineers “thinned the driver face to increase the MOI to drive the ball farther.” A VO wasn’t speaking over the action explaining how the “all-new perimeter weighting of the irons helps hit the ball straighter on off-center strikes.” In this fun competition featuring some great one-liners, Tiger and Rory show how the products could benefit my game (if they are good enough for the best in the world, they are good enough for me).

“Dude, is that your real hair?”
-Tiger Woods
Nike Golf commercial

The effectiveness of this spot to reinforce Nike’s brand in golf (and well beyond the sports world) became apparent quickly. After a just a few airings, millions flocked to the Internet to watch it, share it, and then watch it again and again. Talk about bang for your buck!

So what if a viewer is interested in getting the details? What if they thirst for the product specs or side-by-side comparisons? That’s where the website and point-of-purchase come in to complement the brand.

As an avid golfer, when I’m in the market for new clubs I know exactly where to find specific product information and benefits. I’ll search out this information online and while I’m at a golf store. But for me, Nike is going to have the edge when I’m making my purchase decision because of TV spots like these.

A thirty-second spot is just too short to tell me a bunch of specs that I won’t remember. But because Nike shared their attention-grabbing, entertaining story with me, I’ll remember their clubs could help me with my game.

Well played Nike, well played.



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Justin Hoppock, account director extraordinaire, works out of our Atlanta office in the Georgia-Pacific building. As an AD, Justin works with a number of Koch company marketing teams to develop communication strategies and bring them to life. Even though he has a passion for TV commercials, Justin spends most of his time outside hiking in North Georgia, dropping bombs on the softball field or missing short putts on the golf course.